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Top Quality Bait and Additives for Carp Fishing

Buy the best carp fishing bait, boilies and additives to catch the most impressive carp on your next angling trip.

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If you want to catch big carp, then you need to buy top quality bait. Wet Wellies stocks premium baits and additives from the best suppliers, to ensure that you have the best fishing experience. There is a huge variety of fish tackle and additives on the market to use with your baitrunner or baitcaster, and it is often good practice to mix and match them, so take a look at our guide before making a purchase.


Carp boilies are widely used by carp anglers around the world. Boilies are small and round, packed with nutrients that will be sure to attract the most prized carp in the water straight to your hook. The two main types of boilies are shelf-life and freezer boilies.

Shelf-life boilies have become increasingly popular in recent years. These boilies are self-preserving – since they contain preservatives, they do not need to be stored in the freezer to be kept fresh. These boilies can now compete with freezer boilies in that they can offer the same potency as their frozen counterparts.

Freezer boilies are traditionally preferred by serious anglers. These boilies contain fresh ingredients and should be stored in the freezer when not in use. The downside of using these boilies is that it is difficult to keep them chilled while you are on-the-go or fishing for a long session. This angling bait often requires air-drying before use after being defrosted. However, freezer bait has long been the first choice of experienced carp anglers.

This type of fishing tackle should be crushed or cut up before being mixed into groundbait, or used as loose freebie baits. The other way you can use these baits is as hook baits that you attach to your rig. These boilies are available in a wide selection of sizes (from 10mm to 20mm in diameter) and you’ll want to choose your size based on the size of the fish you want to catch. These boilies are also available in many different flavours – your choice should be dictated by the weather and the season. Warmer months require more pungent fishmeal baits with a high percentage of oil, fat and nutrients. In colder months, a milk-protein bait is the most popular choice, because the sweet flavour spreads through the water to attract fish more successfully in these conditions.

Pop-up baits are also a popular choice. These are boilies that have been combined with a floatation material, such as cork, to make the bait float on the water. This works very well in weedy areas, so your bait does not get caught. There are various pop-up baits available, including wafters and dumbbells.

Groundbait, particles & pellets

Groundbait is a very popular kind of coarse fishing bait that works particularly well for match fishing. This bait has been ground down to a fine powder-like substance and it is combined with additives, particles, attractants and water. This mix is moulded into a ball and thrown into the water. This can be used with a method feeder to compress groundbait with pellets, which will create a feeder mix to entice your fish. The groundbait can also be used by squeezing a little bit out and using it as a hook bait.

Groundbaits are usually made from fishmeal, bread crumbs and oils. There’s a variety of different kinds out there, along with differing degrees of coarseness. Some baits are also dyed – darker baits are used in clearer waters because prey fish will be camouflaged by predators, and will feed from your bait with more confidence.

Particles are thicker elements incorporated into the groundbait to slow down the breakdown time of the bait. Sweetcorn, hemp seed and tiger nuts are all used for this function.


Liquid attractants (glugs, bait dips and flavour sprays) can be used to increase bait potency and add flavour. They are sprayed on or soaked into existing baits to make them stand out. Liquid attractors are often used on artificial baits to make them smell real. Simply treat your bait with a liquid before rigging it up – but make sure they are not overly soaked, as this could make them break down too quickly in the water.

Artificial bait

Artificial baits often take the form of fake sweetcorn, maggots, bread or meats. The biggest benefit of artificial bait is that it can be reused after the fish has taken it – you can use it time and time again!

There’s a vast selection of bait out there for you to explore. You need to find what’s right for you, and mix and match to find the perfect combination to suit all conditions and seasons. Our bait selection is always updated with the best prices, to ensure that you can catch the best carp.