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Carp Fishing PVA Bags

Use a PVA to slowly release your pellets, particles and boilies into the water, luring in lots of fish in the process – including carp, tench, bream and lots of other popular fishing choices too.

Looking to use a fishing PVA? Well, this is just the right place! A PVA has it's fair share of benefits, including the fact that it will help to prevent your fishing line from becoming tangled as it sinks to the bottom. A solid bag around the hook and the bait can be a valuable and useful thing and its no surprise that a lot of people are using them regularly in fishing.

Pole Fishing PVA Bags

If you're looking to try something new for your next fishing weekend, perhaps PVA bags are the things to use. A large portion of bait is stored within the bag and it slowly melts away after it has been in the water for a while. There's then a lot of bait around the hook, which will help to lure in all kinds of fish.

    Throughout the year, different fishing methods will become more or less effective. You need to remember that in the winter, fish will find it a little harder to come across food, while in the summer there's a much greater abundance of the things they usually consume. Lots of bugs and small aquatic creatures they can eat quite easily and which are going to be more appealing than certain some things you might be using as bait. This is important to remember, as you'll find that you may need to switch up your approach.

    PVAs come in many different forms. On the one hand, you can get ones which are made of a fine mesh, on the other you can get ones which are clear soluble bags. Naturally, they all work a little differently and some melt away more quickly than others, but its for you to decide which of these is going to be appropriate for your particular fishing needs.

    Some will use boilies, others will use live bait and others still will opt for a catapult approach and they all work well, just in different ways. But when it comes to PVAs, you're providing an intense release of bait, which could bring fish directly to the hook.

Best PVA Fishing Products

If you want to start using PVAs, then you should take a look through the products we have listed below. There's quite a bit of variety, giving you the opportunity to pick just the right thing for your needs.

Take a look at some of the things that we have to offer:

  • Fast Dissolving Bags
  • PVA Mesh + Plunger
  • PVA Tape + String Pack
  • PVA Web
  • Comprehensive PVA Packs
  • Boilie Specific PVA
And there's much more besides, too. If any of them stand out to you as particularly appealing, then go ahead and order! At Wet Wellies we're keen to give you everything you could need for a fantastic fishing trip – whether you're dedicating an evening or a whole weekend. We want to have all the bases covered. Rather than offering a basic PVA set, we wanted to include listings for many different PVA sets – that way, you get to look over the options and can be sure you've made the right choice. With all that in mind, you can rest assured that the next family or friend-filled fishing trip will be an all round fun experience.