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A Selection of the Best Keepnets for Carp Fishing

If you want to keep your fish safely stored in the water after you catch them (so that you can release them at the end of the day) then you will be quite happy to see that we’ve got a broad selection of keepnets listed here.


If you've got a fishing day planned, don't forget to pick up a keepnet. Of course, you don't need one, but they're good for those times when you want to see how many fish you've caught throughout the day. Looking down at a fairly full fish net will help you to feel proud of all that you've caught that day. It can make the whole experience a lot more fun. It could be well worth doing.

Carp Fishing Throwing Sticks

Not everybody fishes so that they can eat the fish afterwards – some enjoy the leisurely hobby and then toss the fish friendlily back into the water. The thing about this approach is that it's easy to lose track of how many fish you've caught throughout the day. Once you toss them back, they swim away and they're gone. With a keepnet, this is not the case.

    If you're fishing with a few people, then you might want to buy a few keepnets. With more than one, you can compare the amount of catches that each of you get. This will help to add a fun, competitive aspect to your fishing trip. At the end of the day, you're probably going fishing so that you can bond with your friends and competition provides a good context for bonding. A few extra keep nets can completely change the dynamic.

    Some people prefer to buy used keepnets, but this is the kind of product which you should really buy new. Having been used for so long and having contained so many fish, you have to wonder how hygienic they're going to be, because you can never guarantee that the person selling has properly cleaned and sanitised them. There's even the risk that the fish will become ill if they have not been properly cleaned, which is further reason to go for a new one.

    Another benefit of keepnets, is that some people grow concerned, upon releasing a fish, that it may frighten away other fish in the area by clearly having been scared by something near where you have been. While this is just speculation, it could well be true and so you should consider it as a reason to choose to use a keepnet. It adds a sense of logic and order to the fishing experience and is something which lots of people thoroughly enjoy doing.

Big Brand Keepnets

As with everything else, we strive to offer a variety with our keepnets. We've a range of different shapes, sizes and brands. Make your choice based on the location you're going to, the type of fish that you're planning to catch and the general ethos you hope to exude during the day.

Here are a few of the different branded keepnets you'll find here:

  • Shakespeare
  • Dinsmores
  • Oakwood
  • Drennan
  • Guru
  • Fladen
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