Best Laptop Backpack for Fishing

laptop bag for camping

As well as all the usual gear needed for fishing, including tackle, bait, camping equipment and rods. You may also like to have a rucksack of some sort for your personal items. This can include clothes, wash kit, food and a laptop, tablet or phone. Some of these items can be pretty fragile so it’s important to keep them safe […]

Get the Best Shave Possible While Camping

For some, the Grizzly Adams look is a good one, and completely fits with their style. For others though, unruly facial hair really doesn’t work, giving them more the appearance of a down-on-their-luck hobo than an intrepid outdoorsman. This can present a problem while camping, as getting a good shave is notoriously difficult to do. […]

Carp Fishing Public French Lakes and Rivers

About carp angling lakes in France – In the beginning the monks introduced carp into the north of Holland, throughout Europe they spread, at times in history they were cross bread and introduced into thousands of stretches of water. The many strains travelled the meandering waterways of mainland Europe often settling and breeding. Again and […]

How to Camouflage and stalk big carp

About carp fishing with stealth/stalk – I find it amazing the amount of camouflage or disruptive pattern material, equipment and clothing available in carp fishing nowadays (real tree, mossy oak etc) Disruptive pattern is a pattern designed to assist us to blend into the environment to stalk carp with stealth. Do we use it as […]