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Best Torches for Your 2017 Camping Trip

Going camping? Well, I hope you won’t forget to pick up a torch. It’s practical, it’s convenient and it can help to keep you safe when out in the wilderness.


If you're going camping or fishing, there's one handy tool you shouldn't be without: yes, that's right, it's the trusty torch. This is something which is especially useful during he winter months, because the darkness can really creep up on you during that time of year. But, really, a torch is useful year-round, because you can never be sure when it might come in handy. It's something everybody should have to hand if they're planning a fishing or camping trip.

Using a Torch When Fishing or Camping

Let's imagine you're out on a camping trip. It's the middle of the night and you accidentally drop your keys on the ground. Obviously you don't want to lose your keys in the middle of a random forest, so it would be good if you had a torch to hand. It's very easy to drop things when out in the countryside and keeping a torch with you will help to prevent problems like these from causing you too much inconvenience.

But it's not just about keeping track of your possessions. If everybody has a torch, it also significantly decreases the chances of anybody getting lost. Imagine you're out in the dark of the woods and lost – you could be ten feet away from your friend and not realise. If you've all got torches, it helps you to keep an eye on everyone. A torch can be seen from far away, after all. Try to make sure that everybody has one.

Another thing to remember is that the countryside can get very dark. Once it's night time, it can be very difficult to spot hanging branches and to get through the undergrowth. You might find yourself tripping and falling into all kinds of things if you don't use a torch. Light is the key to safe navigation and this is why it is such an important tool for campers to have with them at all times.

Plus, its not all about safety. Using a torch can help you to get a better look at things in the dark: not just to help you navigate around them, but to help you get a good look at them and to admire their beauty. Nature may seem like a black void during the night, but it's not – a torch can illuminate it for your appreciation.

Branded Torches

Not sure what type of torch is the best to choose? Well, take your time and consider the options. We've got torches from lots of well-know brands.

Here are some of the different kinds of torches that are offered by big brands:

  • HeroBeam
  • Fishing Glove Torch
  • LED Torches
  • Blocklite Mini
  • Pocket Torch
  • Night Vision Torch
At Wet Wellies, we are always keen to provide our users with variety. We have lots of variations of every type of product that we offer which means that you've always got a choice. This broad selection of torches provides a perfect example of this. All orders are fulfilled by Amazon, but have been hand picked especially for their known quality. This should assure you that anything you buy from Wet Wellies is going to be top notch. We like to shine a light onto the best products.