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Weigh Slings for Carp Fishing

Are you hoping to start weighing your catch when you fish? If so, you might like to take a browse through this broad selection of weigh slings that we’ve got here for you.


What's a day of fishing without a weigh sling? If you can't weigh your catch, how will you know who caught the biggest fish? If you don't know who caught the biggest fish, is there even a point in having a fishing trip? Of course, not everyone is so competitive, but a weigh sling can help to add a fun, extra dimension to the day's proceedings.

Small Fish Weigh Slings at Affordable Prices

Its important to keep in mind that a weigh sling will only be appropriate if you are fishing for small fish. If you're after a blue marlin or something like this, then you're going to find that this is not the right approach for you. However, for most smaller species (like catfish and carp) this the ideal way to find out exactly how much each fish weighs.

Even if you're not interested in making your fishing competitive, a weigh sling might be a nice thing to use so that you can keep track of any times that you manage to break your own records. It's quite fun to get an idea of the general weight of the fish that you usually catch. Beating your old score will feel satisfying and it will incentivise you to try different locations. New locations will open the door for more types of fish and lots of different weights and sizes too.

Carp are probably the species that's most popular when it comes to fishing and weigh slings are ideal for weighing different carp. If carp is your fish, then you should really think about adding the weigh sling to your fishing supplies. It's often nice to just scratch the itch of curiosity so that you can find out exactly how much something weighs. It's a very nice and useful thing to have around.

So before you head out on your next fishing trip, make sure that you do not forget to pick up a weigh sling – it could significantly change and improve the experience for you. What helps to make them even more appealing is the fact that they're very easy to transport too, so you don't need to worry about bringing along anything which is just going to be a nuisance.

Weigh Slings Brands

If you're after a weigh sling and you want quality products at a low price, then you have come to the right place. At Wet Wellies we strive to give you a variety, no matter what you're after. So we don't just have an option for weigh slings, we have lots of different weigh slings available for sale.

Take a look at some of the different brands that offer weigh slings:

  • Q-DOS
  • Adobe Euro
  • NGT
  • OCFTrading
  • Trinton Tackle
  • CarpZone
At Wet Wellies, if there's one thing we want to do, it's offer you a broad selection of fishing products. No matter what it is you're looking for, we'll have a selection of different options for you to choose from. Every product on this website has been personally selected as something which is both high-quality and fairly priced. So take a browse if you want to stock up on weigh slings, boilies, rods and anything else a fisher person might need.