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Pellets and Particle Bait Mix

If you don’t think that hook bait is going to cut it for your next fishing trip, then perhaps you’d like to think about picking up some pellets or some particle baits. They can be very effective and have their own unique list of strengths.

Sometimes the best bait for a productive fishing trip is going to be pellets or particle bait. Throughout the year different types of bait will be more or less effective – different types of bait also work differently on different types of fish too. If you want to experiment with something new, this could be worth trying.

Best Particle Bait for Carp

Are you planning to catch some carp when you next go fishing? They're a very popular breed, so there's a good chance that you will! If that is the case, you'll be happy to find that there are types of particle bait and pellets which work especially well for that particular species. There's a slightly different technique for every different type of fish and you'll find that there are special types of particle bait made specifically with carp fishing in mind.

With bait, what you want is for it to seem as natural as possible. Think about what attracts fish naturally. It's the smell of food emanating from the river bed. If you use pellets or particle bait, it will sink to the bottom and then the aroma will build up in your little area. The fish will get the scent and come swimming by. This essentially is as natural as it gets when it comes to the fish's point of view.

Another aspect to consider is that particle bait may save you from the hassle of having to hook your bait. Hooking is hard for some people and it won't always be an ideal choice. Live bait in particular, is something which people find unpleasant to handle and hook. So if you're after the natural element of live bait, but aren't keen on certain aspects, then you may find that particles or pellets are an ideal alternative.

If you're fishing during spring or summer, then you may find that conventional hook baits are less effective. This is because at this time of year, the fish's natural food is quite abundant and they are less tempted by the food hanging on a dangerous hook. This is the time of year when particle bait and pellets will come in especially handy as you will be making your section of the river even more abundant that the rest of it, therefore significantly increasing your swim.

Pellets and Particle Baits

There are lots of different particle bait recipes and lots of different types of pellets. Here at Wet Wellies we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive selection of fishing products and so, of course, we have quite a lot of pellets and particle baits too.

Here is a list of some of the different varieties which are available:

  • Sinking Trout Pellets
  • Maple Peas
  • Micro Pellets
  • Big Carp Particle Mix
  • Robin Red Carp Pellets
  • Hemp Wheat and Maples Particles Mix
So you should now have some idea of the variety and veracity of pellets and particle baits. Perhaps you'd like to stock up so that you've got a nice supply ready for your next fishing trip? You'll be happy that our listings are always at fair prices and there are often nice discounts, bargains and reductions too. At Wet Wellies, we are keen to offer a top notch service on a large selection of fishing supplies. All of our orders are fulfilled by Amazon, so you can be sure that you're only going to receive the best service. Next time you're in the market for fishing supplies, be sure to head over to Wet Wellies. You'd just be a wet regular shoe, if you didn't.