Best Carp Fishing Bait Boat Reviews

Carp Fishing Bait Boat Comparison

Whether you like them or hate them, Carp Fishing Bait Boats are here to stay! They can be seen up and down the banks of UK lakes and waters – baiting up swims in the early morning. With their precision radio control, you can accurately place your hook bait and boilies / freebies in your swim with maximum presentation. This can help your offering to be found by the carp and ultimately result in more fish on the bank!

Carp Bait Boat Features

  • Price: There many manufacturers and models out there. They range from the very cheap to the very high-end model. You need to select a model that is within your budget and ensure it has the features that you need. We recommend that you don’t scrimp on other important carp fishing tackle! Check Amazon, Ebay and other tackle stores online for the best deals.
  • Hopper Size: The hopper is what stores your boilies, trout pellets or groundbait. Consider what size you need for your lake or water. A large water may require more food and a large hopper will minimise trips back and forth to the swim.
  • Battery Life: Battery capacity is likely to be one of the biggest limitations of your new gadget. The larger the battery, the more trips you can do, minimising disruption to the swim and spooking of the fish. Most models offer upgrades with larger batteries and even solar chargers to keep you going for the whole weekend.
  • Range: How big is your syndicate water? In the UK the range should be good for most waters. If you travel to France or other European waters then you may need to consider maximum distance that can be covered with the radio control.
  • Jets or Propellers: The propulsion and motor system will determine the individual characteristics of the design. There are pros and cons to each method.
  • Fishfinder: Many brands include a fishfinder / sonar feature in their hulls. This transmits the info back to your handset allowing you to scan the bottom of the lake for silt, gravel bars, weed and other natural features.
  • GPS: The latest and greatest design come with a GPS tracker built-in. This can help you to bait up the exact same spot over and over again with pure military precision!
  • Camera: Sometimes it can be advantageous to the angler to see under the water with a live video feed. This can help you get a feel for the swim and present your line and hook bait in an optimum fashion.

Lake Reaper Bait Boat Review

Lake Reaper

The Lake Reaper bait boat is a cutting edge design with some great features at this price point. We give this bait boat a 10/10 for its amazing battery life, reliability and looks.


  • 1 year warranty
  • 2.4 GHz interference free radio
  • Range: 300m
  • LED nav lights
  • Fish finder compatible
  • Camo skin option available

Black Model:
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Camo Model:
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Viper Bait Boat Review

Viper is a well known, quality manufacturer with some fantastic models for sale. They are fully serviceable and repairable by the supplier come with full instructions.

Viper Icon 4

Viper Icon 3
Viper Icon 3

This affordable bait boat is built to the same quality standard of some of the bigger designs. The small portable design is ideal for smaller waters.


  • Twin Jet Pumps
  • Less Susceptible to Weed
  • Adjustable Filters
  • Superb Maneuverability
  • Battery Meter
  • Navigation Lights
  • Quick Change Battery System
  • 1 KG Hopper

Viper MK3

The Viper is their flagship product and the version 3 model doesn’t disappoint. This high quality design won’t win any beauty awards but is a practical angling workhorse. It is on the large side, meaning plenty of room for bait.


  • Large 2.5 KG Hopper
  • Bait cover to protect (think PVA and Swans!)
  • Unique 2 Jet Pump System – less swim disruption and weed problems
  • Navigational Lights
  • Solar Panel

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Viper Storm X

This new model is a hybrid of the Storm 2 and X-Range. It is robust stable but with an extra long hopper for more baiting up capacity. This model has it all, speed, capacity and endurance.


  • Front LED Light – 10mm
  • Rear/Side LED Lights – 5mm
  • 2.4 Ghz radio system to minimise interference
  • Long Hopper for Big Rigs
  • Door drop indicator

Viper Legacy & Legacy XT

The Viper Legacy and XT models are a bridge between the small MK3 boat and large X-Range. It is a happy medium between nimbleness and capacity. It also boasts the jet system famous on the Viper brand.


  • LED Spotlight
  • LED Back/Side Lights
  • 2 Jet Pump System
  • Door Release Switch
  • 2KG Capacity

Waverunner Bait Boat Reviews

Waverunner are an award winning bait boat manufacturer who supply through tackles shops. Their products are held in high regard amongst anglers.

Waverunner Shuttle

Waverunner Shuttle

This is the latest addition to their product range. It has most of the features of the other Waverunner models but is much smaller. It can easily be fitted into a rucksack – making it ideal for stalking and float fishing.


  • Long righ hopper
  • Remote light control
  • Range: 400m
  • Carry handle
  • Failsafe mechanism
  • Hook release system
  • Weed guards

Buy Waverunner Shuttle Bait Boat,spare Batteries, Bag & Solar Panel from Ebay also you may check this Waverunner Shuttle on Ebay too

Waverunner Sport

Waverunner Sport

The new Waverunner sport is packed with appealing features. It has jet propulsion which eliminates weed and snag problems. It has a protective panel for the power button to prevent it being accidentally turned off by branches!


  • Removable magnetic access cover
  • Jet style power with weed guards
  • Fail safe mechanism
  • 2.1 KG bait capacity
  • Long rig friendly hopper
  • 1.5 hour run time

Waverunner Atom

Waverunner Atom

Waverunner has specifically designed this model for the UK angler. A compact and versatile design which is able to carry up to 1.5 KG of bait and comes with many of the same features of the more expensive models.


  • Catamaran ABS Hull
  • Variable speed control
  • Patented bait hopper
  • Patented rig release system
  • LED Lights to confirm state

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Waverunner Mk3

This is the award winning model which comes with 2 year warranty. It gives the best in performance and options available. It has many upgrade and service

Waverunner Mk3
Waverunner Mk3

options making this a long term, loyal purchase.


  • Twin rig holders
  • Weed guards
  • 10 LEDs
  • Range: 500 – 1000m depending on conditions
  • 2 hour run time

Angling Technics Bait Boat Reviews

Angling Technics (founded in 1992) were one of the first UK manufacturers with a bait boat to market. They are innovative features, always adding cutting edge features to their models.

Angling Technics Procat MK3

This cheap model aims to deliver some of the features of the bigger ones for a budget price. It includes a range of features but does lack some of the latest innovations in the industry.


  • Light design
  • 1.5 hours run time
  • Low profile
  • Quiet hybrid motors
  • 0.75 KG Capacity
  • Instructional videos

also on Ebay: Angling Technics Procat MK3 & Angling Technics Procat MK2

Angling Technics Technicat MK2

This is a decent little bait boat. It boasts a large capacity boilie hopper but may lack in battery life. It is only powered by propellers. Not a bad design but potentially you could get more for your money.


  • 3 KG Bait Tray
  • Propellor powered
  • Internal aerial
  • Echo sounder compatible
  • Carry bag included

also on Ebay to find a similar product Angling Technics Technicat BAIT boat

Angling Technics Microcat MK3

There are few criticisms of this boat. Angling Technics have perfected the model over the years and this really is a good buying option. There are many out of the box features that make this a leading bait boat, here are some of the key ones.


  • 4 channel 2.4 GHz radio system for less interference with other anglers’ boats
  • Jet pump powered which are quiet and fast
  • Suitable for all types of bait
  • 2 independent hoppers
  • Full 360 degree turning thanks to a special microprocessor
  • 6 strong LEDs visible day and night
  • Catamaran style hull that is energy efficient and buoyant
  • Up to 70 minute with the new high capacity batteries

also please go to Ebay for Angling Technics Microcat MK3

Angling Technics Standard Bait Boat

Last but not least is the standard Angling Technics bait boat. This is a popular no-frills model with all the essential features of owning a boat without the high prices.


  • 2 channel radio system
  • 2 independent hoppers – upgradeable particle curtains
  • Proportional forward and single reverse speed
  • Echo sounder upgradeable
  • Bait capacity: 4kg
  • 45 minute run time

Lakestar Bait Boat Reviews

Lakestar bait boats are made by Blue Sky Angling who look like they may be selling the business. However their products are still very popular and I’m confident they will continue to be used by anglers on the bank.

Mini Lakestar Bait Boat

Bait boats just seem to be getting smaller and more manageable. That is exactly the objective with this mini model. It packs some great features but also saves on battery life with it’s lightweight, no-nonsense design.


  • Range of up to 400m
  • Nav lights and spot light onboard
  • Up to 2 hours running time
  • 2x 0.5 KG bait hoppers
  • LCD Display on handset

Lakestar Pocket Rocket

Lakestar have continued their on with niche of making super lightweight bait boats. This model is the smallest of their offering and is lightweight, nimble and ready for action. This boat is ideal for the fisherman that likes to travel light.


  • Super small design with agile controls
  • Nav lights on the front
  • Runs on 34 AA batteries! (300 hours of run time)

Lakestar Bait Boat

Their flagship model is small, fast and may not have as many features as competing manufacturers. However it is a good all round model that is reliable and tested for all conditions and applications.


  • Responsive and small turning circle
  • Up to 2KG of bait in hoppers
  • Built-in graphic echo sounder
  • Solar charger included

TFG Patriot Bait Boat Review

This streamlined design bait boat has no visible bait hopper. Instead, the bait is stored internally. This well designed hull seems almost indestructible and is capable of coping with the harshest of environments.


  • Bait capacity: 0.21 litres
  • Range: 300m
  • Rear bait distribution for precise drops

Jabo 2 Bait Boat Review

The Jabo bait boat is a budget import that is proving popular amongst UK carp anglers thanks to its economical price. It is a rather mature design with many of the same features as the branded UK manufacturers. With it’s jet black design, it looks much like a stealth fighter boat.


  • Alloy fence protectors
  • Short antenna
  • Built-in fishfinder
  • Navigation lights
  • 2 hour operation time

Anatec Bait Boat Reviews

Anatec is a trusted brand in the world of carp fishing and have been on the market for over 15 years. They were the first manufacturer to adopt the popular catamaran hull.

Anatec Catamaran Bait Boat

The Anatec Catamaran is a popular model among british fisherman. It comes in a range of options with optional camouflage and fish finder.


  • German made, reliable electronics
  • Robust ABS injected innovate hull
  • Full after-sales service and support

Best Carp Bait Boats

We recommend any of the Anatec or Waverunner models. Research the features and price points and decide which is best for you. Also check Amazon and eBay for some bargains and online deals!

Cheapest Carp Bait Boat

If you’re looking for the ultimate no-frills bait boat, then we cannot recommend the Blueskysea T10. At only £70, it is by far the cheapest bait boat around. It has a great battery life and many of the features of the more expensive. Just watch out for the super bright colours! (we’d recommend painting it a more inconspicuous black or green.

Other good bait boat models:

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