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Best Throwing Sticks for Fishing

If you want to increase your swim by distributing a lot of bait around the area that you’re fishing, then a throwing stick could be one of the best choices for you. Just pop in your boilies and get throwing!

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Do you dislike using catapults when it comes to fishing? Some people do find them to be a little less accurate and hard to use. If that is the case for you you really might quite like to give throwing sticks a try. They're a nice alternative for those who want to spread their bait out across an area in order to increase their swim.

Carp Fishing Throwing Sticks

Are carp the fish you like to catch? Well, if so, you might find that a throwing stick could be just the thing to make your fishing more productive. Scattering bait around a set area will help to ensure that lots of fish are aware that there is something to eat where you are fishing. If there are carp in the area, they'll identify your area as a source of food, which will of course lure them over. You don't want to fish in an area where there are no fish.

    If you've got great hand-eye coordination, then a throwing stick could be the ideal way to increase the swim when you go fishing. You literally just place the boilies (or any other bait that you're using it) into the appropriate spot on the stick, bend your arm back and throw. Obviously, practise makes perfect, but keep at it and you'll soon master it. This method can ensure that you're distributing the bait in exactly the places you want it to be distributed.

    Fishing with something on the end of your hook and nothing else is a reasonable approach and can be very effective. However, if there is nothing around you when you cast your hook, nothing will notice that you're there fishing and therefore there's no real chance of catching anything. Using a throwing stick will help you to bring fish towards you from all over the lake/river.

    You can use a throwing stick and hook bait together for an increased chance of catching something. However, if you don't particularly enjoy hooking bait, then this could potentially be a way for you to avoid having to do so. Your chances will be increased if you do have something on the hook, but you're still luring them in and increasing your chances even if you just throw a bit of bait around with a throwing stick.

Branded Throwing Sticks

As with all of the fishing supplies we have listed here on Wet Wellies, it's not a case of offering a single thing and you having to make do – we've got a lot of options for throwing sticks. You've got to choose one which you'll be completely comfortable using and which you think looks like it will do the best job with your bait.

Here are a few of the different branded throwing sticks you'll find here:

  • Korda
  • JCR
  • Midi
  • Nash
  • NGT
  • Cybershot
So take a look at what we've got and remember that Wet Wellies are dedicated to providing nothing but the highest quality fishing supplies. Orders here are fulfilled by Amazon, but they have each been hand selected by us to ensure that we are only listing the very finest products. If you're after a throwing stick, take a look at all of the options. But until next time, Welly Heads, happy shopping and happy fishing. Tuck into a good deal.