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Best Fishing Catapult Prices

A catapult can be the ideal way to get the most out of your bait and to help catch as many fish as possible. Check out this selection of some of the best fishing catapults at some of the best prices you’ll find on the web.

When you're out on a fishing trip, one of the best ways to get your bait out to those delicious fish is with a carp fishing catapult. If you want something that will really tempt those little carps to go for your bait, then these catapults are definitely something you might like to consider. Fish are wily beings, and they won't always go for the bait alone – sometimes you need a carp catapult to act as a further lure. If you do use one, you might find that you yield better results next time you want to do a bit of angling.

How to use a Fishing Catapult

Let's say you sit down to fish somewhere. How do you know that there are any fish at all in the nearby vicinity? Well, you don't. That's why you've got to use a carp catapult. You fire out a few free pieces of bait and help to lure them in and help to build up the swim in your patch of the river. It's the kind of thing that can stop you from having those days where you sit out waiting for fish which never come. It's always somewhat disappointing to find yourself in such a situation.

So, now you know what a fishing catapult can do for you. But how exactly do you make one work? Well, it's not too difficult. It's essentially the same as a regular catapult – you just load up the bait, pull back and launch it into the river. Then all of the carp out in the river (or any other type of fish which you happen to be fishing, e.g. bluegill, bream, bass) will know that there's some good food going in your area and swim over to take a look. All of a sudden, you'll find you're getting loads of bites!

It can be tough to decide what sort of bait to use in your catapult. Boilies can come in quite handy as you can get some good range with them; potentially luring large portions of the river's population. But if you want a somewhat more natural approach, you may like to consider a slow release bait full of maggots. Fish love maggots and this really helps to grow your swim.

Carp Fishing Catapult Brands

Here at Wet Wellies we want to give you a selection of high quality fishing supplies, no matter what you're in the market for. So if you were hoping to get a fishing catapult, you should be able to find one which is well suited to your needs

Here is a selection of the different fishing catapults that we have listed:

  • Dealglad
  • Fladen
  • Guru
  • Korum
  • Katapult
  • Korda
So before you set out on your next big fishing adventure, make sure that you don't forget to pick up a nice fishing catapult first. They come in quite a variety of styles too. There are boat fishing catapults, which, of course, are designed to be used within a boat. There are giant fishing catapults, which you can use to send larger quantities of bait. There are basically different types of fishing bait catapults to match every different context. At Wet Wellies, we've got just about everything related to fishing that you could ever want or need. All orders are fulfilled by Amazon, so you don't need to worry about any trouble on the delivery side of things. You can also nab yourself a few hot deals and discounts if you're careful, catapulting yourself to frugality.