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Best Groundbait for Bream, Carp, Catfish and More

Adding a bit of groundbait to the water is going to make all the fish want to be where you are – which is exactly what you want. Whether you’re using it alone or along with some other types of bait, you’re sure to find this to be an effective method of enticing the local fish.

Would you like to add groundbait to your repertoire before your next fishing trip?Much like every other type of bait, it has its own strengths and weaknesses. What sets it apart from other types of bait, is that you cast it into the water, which then attracts lots of fish to your area. You don't apply it to the hook or anything like that (though you might want to use hook bait in conjunction with it) instead you just have to add it to the water.

Groundbait for Carp Fishing

What type of fish are your hoping to catch on your next weekend fishing trip? Is it carp? If so, you'll find that there are special types of groundbait which have been specifically made with carp in mind. Carps have certain tastes that they prefer (as do all species of fish) and so you can go out of your way to buy groundbait which will be especially attractive to them. Similarly, if you're after bass, catfish, bream or any other types of fish, you will find that different types of groundbait are more effective than others for different species.

Another good thing about groundbait is that you can use it without necessarily having to hook anything. Hooking bait can be hard, especially when it's live bait. All those worm organs flying all over the place. But with groundbait, you can just cast it into the water and then cast your rod. It's a lot simpler, actually. Ideal for beginners who are not yet too sure about bait and hooking.

However, while groundbait can save you some trouble when it comes to hooking, using these two things together can often be extremely effective. If you're after something that's going to help you catch a few more fish, it could definitely be worth a shot. It could really enhance the experience for you.

When compared against live bait, you also have the added benefit of extended longevity. Live bait doesn't really last long at all, but groundbait can be stored and saved so that you've always got something to hand if you ever decided to take an unexpected fishing trip. Just pick up some of that groundbait from the cupboard and be on your way.

Different Types of Groundbait

If you do want to pick up some groundbait to add to your collected fishing supplies, then you've come to the right place. Not everyone knows how to make groundbait and if that's the case for you, ordering it will be just fine

Here are a few examples of the different type of groundbait that was have listed here:

  • Tiger Nut Pre-Drilled Carp Pellets
  • Chopped Worm and Sweetcorn
  • Bloodworm Pellets
  • Red Krill Pellets
  • Garlic Carp and Barbel
  • Spicy Sausage Pellets
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