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Fishing Boilies For Sale

Looking to find some new fishing bait? Well, then, why not give these boilies a try? They’re ideal for all types of fishing and work just as well as other types of bait.

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If you're not too keen on the idea of hooking live bait (and to be honest, does anybody enjoy disembowelling maggots?) then you might want to pick up some boilies. They are delicious (from the fish's POV) flavoured balls which you just apply to your hook nice and simply. They're an excellent lure and are popular among lots of fisher men and woman. If you needed to stock up, you've come to exactly the right place.

Carp Fishing Boilies

What helps to make boilies especially attractive is that they can be tailored for different types of fish. If, for example, you were out fishing for carp (and carp are a very popular fish) then you could get some specialised carp fishing boilies. Naturally, different types of fish prefer and enjoy different types of flavour, so you can pick up boilies based on the fish you're trying to catch. It makes you're job a little easier, really.

Anyway, let's say that you have been using live bait up until this point and are sceptical about using boilies instead. What unique strengths do they have? Well if, for example, you bought some boilies, you could put them aside and then use them when you next have a fishing trip. Maggots don't have nearly as much of a shelf life due to the fact that they are living creatures. Boilings won't start to rot and stink out the whole palce after a while either, like maggots and worms will do.

Storing boilies is also a lot easier than storing certain other types of bait. You accidentally knock a box over and, opps, the house has some fish food on the floor. Never mind! But if you accidentally knock over a tin of live bait? Oh my goodness! The house has been infested with an army of maggots! They're a simple, hassle-free product which you do not need to worry about. Ideal for beginners in the fishing world.

Boilies got their name due to the fact that they were created via boiling paste. Another one of their strengths is that they are not very likely to come free of the hook if they have been in the water for a while. Other types of bait sometimes do, due to the nature of their make up, but boilies have specifically been designed to be a little more resilient.

Different Types of Boilies

Wet Wellies are, of courese, dedicated to providing a comprehensive selection of fishing supplies. We don't want to just have a single packet of boilies available alongside various other types of bait, we want you to be able to choose the best boilies to suit your needs.

Here are a few of the different types of boilies you can find:

  • 10mm Boilies Mega Mix
  • Carp Fishing Boilie Bait Bag
  • Boilie Dips
  • Boilie Sessons Pack
  • Birdspice Boilies
  • Raspberry Ripple Boilies
When's your next fishing trip? Have you thought about stocking up on boilies in advance? Because you should! If you've never tried them before, you should at least use them once. Every type of bait has its strengths and weaknesses and you might find that you prefer it to whatever it was that you were using before. Whatever you order, it will all be fulfilled through Amazon, so you can rest assured that you're going to get a prompt and reliable service. You'll be fishing soon, me old boilie, don't you worry.