Get the Best Shave Possible While Camping

For some, the Grizzly Adams look is a good one, and completely fits with their style. For others though, unruly facial hair really doesn’t work, giving them more the appearance of a down-on-their-luck hobo than an intrepid outdoorsman. This can present a problem while camping, as getting a good shave is notoriously difficult to do. Help is at hand though, as this article will go over a few handy hints and tips for campers wanting to keep their face perfectly manicured…

There are three basic choices open to you, which are outlined below, however it is first important to say one thing: do not decide to buy a camping knife for the task. Despite being incredibly sharp, they are not razor sharp, and will therefore not work at all. What’s more, if you did sharpen a camping knife to the point where it was razor sharp, it would become almost useless for most other tasks, as it would simply be too brittle. So, it really does make sense to invest in a tool built for the job instead.

The Electric Razor: Battery-Powered Convenience

Without doubt the most convenient way to shave when camping is by using an electric razor. These don’t require anything like water or shaving cream to work – in fact, they shouldn’t use them at all – and lead to a close shave all over your face. Of course, they do come in different standards, so it might be worth investing in a more expensive one, instead of simply picking the cheapest one from the shelf.

There is the problem of electricity though, as you’ll need to charge the electric razor once it has been used a few times. The best razors should hold their charge for at least a week though, which should be enough for the average camper. If it does lose battery, simply pop into the nearest pub, buy a pint, and plug it in. You might look a little strange, but at least you’ll have neat facial hair!

There is one other problem to mention though, and it is this: using an electric razor hardly conveys the image of a man comfortable in the outdoors, and instead betrays a camper’s reliance on modern amenities. So, it’s best to use one when nobody is looking, unless you want to be mocked by more hardcore camping enthusiasts…

Disposable Razors: A Choice to Avoid

For many, the answer to shaving while camping comes with disposable razors. They simply splash on some water, and then forcibly remove the hair in perhaps the least subtle way. This is not the best idea though, as it is a sure-fire way to lead to irritation, and do you really want to be constantly scratching at your face, instead of enjoying the awesome scenery around you? What’s more, there’s no doubting the fact that shaving without any foam and simply using a disposable razor can really hurt, as the hairs are plucked from the face.

Shave Like a Man

So, if electric razors make you look like a duck out of water, and disposables simply aren’t up to the job, what’s a man supposed to do when looking to shave while camping? The answer is simple, and it comes in the form of a cut throat razor. Is there anything more manly than whipping off those hairs with a blade? What’s more, it will also lead to a much closer shave than a disposable razor, which is just one more advantage it has.

But how exactly do you shave with a cut throat razor? Well, the secret is in the sharpening, as it has to be incredibly sharp to do the job. To gain this sharpness, you’ll need to use a strop, which you can attach to a tree before then using it. Then it’s simply a case of applying some water to the face – as well as shaving cream, if you want to, although you might not have enough room to pack it – before then using the razor in a downward motion, making sure you apply very little pressure to the blade. It might be a good idea to have a few practice efforts at home before heading out into the wilderness and trying!

So, there you have it: a cut throat razor is the best compromise when it comes to getting a great shave, but also not betraying your love of modern convenience. They can be bought from many good shops, and will become an invaluable part of your camping kit.

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