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Best Bivvies for Fishing Holidays

Going on a fishing holiday soon? In that case, check out this selection of some of the best and most affordable bevvies on the market. Much better than buying pre-owned or second hand.


When's your next fishing trip? Well, whenever it is, you should make sure that you're bringing along a nice bivvie. If you've been using tents in the past, you'll find that bivvies are so much more appropriate for fishing trips. If you make sure to buy one before you next go, you'll find that much have a much better time all round. You can trust us on that.

Tents Vs. Bivvies for Fishing

You might think that a bivvie would be a waste of money, since you've already got a tent, but this is absolutely not the case. Bivvies are ideal for fishing trips because not only can they be instantly erected, but they're much easier to transport too. It saves you time when it comes to putting them up and is ideal for moving around. On a fishing trip, you're likely to want to try and fish in different locations, in order to see what the swim is like. Tents will slow you down significantly.

Tents are just fine if you're planning to have a camping holiday with your family – we have nothing against them! But bivvies are just so much more appropriate for those times when you're going fishing. Bivvy fishing holidays are great. They allow you to cover more ground, try more fishing spots and to catch more fish! It's exactly what you'll want out of a fishing trip.

A bivvy is designed for you to sit in while you fish, while a tent is designed for you to sleep in during a camping trip. Fishing is very fun, but if you're just sitting out in the cold, it can be quite unpleasant – especially in the rain! Bivvies, meanwhile, can give you a place of comfort and shelter from which to fish. You can see why they're so popular within the fishing community..

Another thing you need to consider is your health. If you're not being properly sheltered while you fish, you might find yourself becoming ill. Our bodies are very susceptible to the elements and we need to do all we can to ensure that we are protecting ourselves from them. A bivvy is just what you need to keep yourself both happy and healthy. If you're going with your children, you owe it to yourself to provide them with a safe environment. As it's not too hard to find cheap bivvies (we've got a few right here) you really don't have any excuse not to.

Branded Bivvies

At Wet Wellies, we specialise in all things fishing and camping related and we want our users to have a choice. If you take a look through our products, you'll find that we've got plenty of different bivvies for you to choose from.

Here's an overview of some of the things you can find here:

  • Abode Bivvies
  • Evoque Bivvies
  • CarpZone Bivvies
  • Carp Corner Bivvies
  • Carp Kinetics Bivvies
  • Carpstar Bivvies
So you know what to stock up on in time for the next trip. At Wet Wellies, we are dedicated to providing you with nothing but the best fishing and camping products. While all of your orders are fulfilled by Amazon, the selection of products listed on this website has been hand selected and only contains the highest quality equipment. We're also keen to keep our eye's peeled in case there are any great bargains which we can offer to you. So you know that what you're getting is top of the range in terms of both quality and service. With this in mind, what have you got to risk? Buy a bivvie now!