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Unhooking Mats for Carp Fishing

Next time you go out for a spot of carp fishing, make sure that you do not forget to bring along an unhooking mat. If you don’t have one, here’s a nice selection for you to look over.


You could argue that the unhooking mat is one of the most important pieces of fishing equipment. It is during the unhooking process that fish are most likely to sustain injury. It is important that you do everything you can to ensure that the fish suffer as little as possible and this is why you need to invest in an unhooking mat.

Why You Need an Unhooking Mat

Fish are often quite anxious when they've first been caught and so they'll squirm and shake around all over the place. This can make make it very difficult to unhook the fish safely. Without the aid of an unhooking mat, it's possible that you might do serious harm to the fish and, indeed, yourself. It's always best to be as safe as possible, so before you head out on that fishing trip you've been planning, make sure that you don't forget to pick up an unhooking mat too!

Some people worry about fishing because of the harm they might do to the fish that they catch. But fishing can be quite a humane activity – the fish do not need to suffer very much at all. If you use a good unhooking mat, then you can ensure that the unhooking process is not something which will cause any damage to the innocent fish. This is definitely something to invest in if you are concerned about the wellbeing of the fish in your area and want your fishing endeavours to be nice and ethical.

So what makes unhooking mats so useful? Well, they are soft and they are damp – exactly the kind of surface a fish needs to be unhooked on. Why is this? Because if you unhook them on the ground, they might harm the rest of their body while they are flailing about. Different surfaces can be jagged and uncomfortable and a fish could literally tear itself open if you and it are both particularly unlucky. An unhooking mat will ensure that the fish sustains no undue harm.

It's the kind of thing that any keen fisher person should be aware of. Most people will be using a hook in their fishing process and anyone who's using a hook should really also be using an unhooking mat too, because it is just not fair to the fish if you don't – even if you're planning to eat the fish, the ethical thing to do is to ensure that it does not suffer needlessly. An unhooking mat is something which any honest fisher person should not be without.

Unhooking Mats for Different Fish

At Wet Wellies, we like to provide variety. No matter what sort of fishing equipment you're after, you'll find that we've got a selection to offer. This helps to ensure that you can get just the right thing, no matter what and will never have to settle for a “single choice.”

As each different species of fish is different, so too are the types of unhooking mats that they need. Here are some examples of the different kinds that are available::

  • Unhooking Mats for Pike
  • Unhooking Mats for Carp
  • Unhooking Mats for Catfish
  • Unhooking Mats for Chub
  • Unhooking Mats for Diem
  • Unhooking Mats with Legs
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