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Carp Fishing Public French Lakes and Rivers

About carp angling lakes in France – In the beginning the monks introduced carp into the north of Holland, throughout Europe they spread, at times in history they were cross bread and introduced into thousands of stretches of water. The many strains travelled the meandering waterways of mainland Europe often settling and breeding. Again and […]

How to fish for carp in the rivers – mighty Mosselle

Carp fishing on the river mosselle in France – a picturesque slow moving river starting its life at the base of the Alps in Mid Eastern France. Flowing through France and into Germany where it joins forces with the old mother Rhine. The area I will concentrate on is the Loraine region in North Eastern […]

Their are many good French owned public lakes & Rivers – France / Belgium

Fishing on French public lakes can be classed as a step up from the holiday lakes in France. Within these pages you will some excellet tips on carp fishing tactics & tips to help whilst fishing in France or Belgium. The articles provide some of the best advice for the beginer or seasoned angler Pioneering […]

Beaurepaire tips and tactics in France

Carp fishing holidays with Angling Lines – On route from Island lake myself and Iain Macmillan stopped for a night on another of Angling lines venues named Beaurepaire. This lake is completely different to the one we had just left, it is only approximately 5 acres in size and absolutely stuffed with carp that average […]

Carp Holidays with Angling Lines

About carp angling lakes in France – through Anling Lines I received an email from Steve asking if I would be interested in contributing to a monthly feature based on the approach to French commercial venues. The answer didn’t take much thinking about, so here I am writing the first of many articles based on […]