Carp Lakes in France

There are a number of lakes in france with categories, commercial venues/fisheries such as, dream lakes, carp france, french carping uk, lac serreire, moorland, boysaway, lac des lesmont, carp connections, domaine des illes, chateau, rainbow lake, la horre, brocard, jonchery, jurassica, larousi and more however there are 100 times more carte de peche public lakes […]

Carp tackle | Bedchair | Bivvy | Unhooking mat | PVA bags | PVA mesh | Carp rods | Angling equipment | Fishing equipment

We have developed a carp fishing tackle range including bedchairs, unhooking mats, PVA, rods bivvies and bivvy accessories. Our lightweight bivvy is the ultimate short session carp shelter. With the addition of the over- wrap the system becomes a twin skinned shelter usable throughout the year in any conditions. In its basic format it packs […]