Cheap PVA bags and mesh for sale

About the Caveman carp gear PVA range – Using pva bags in the right manner may take a little while to learn but once you have mastered the skill the method can put mor fish on the bank and has become a standard method of carp fishing for many anglers. The use of bags allows you to place free attractive offering around the hookbait area creating a dinner plate of attraction for the carp to hone in on. With our range of PVA you can present large beds with the bigger bags or fish at range with the mesh, whatever the circumstances we have the ideal product to suit any situation.


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PVA, or Polyvinyl Alcohol, stocking net is possibly one of the most widely used bait delivery systems in carp fishing today. PVA is a water soluble material avaliable in both sheet form and netting, allowing the carp angler to add both dry baits (such as pellets, groundbait and boilies) and liquid baits (oils or glycerine based flavours)to their hook baits. This article is about PVA mesh and how to tie and use tight bags.

Here we have Caveman PVA mesh systems in three different sizes Funnel web (the largest) boilie web and longchuck. All are made of the same type of PVA mesh.Tou can just about make out the Pushing rods which are supplied with the system to help compact the bait in the tube.

PVA is more commonly known as the white glue you find in schools (Poly Vinyl Acetate) and not the Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVOH) that is used in fishing. For those that didnt know this information it led many people up the wrong path trying to find out about it. Back to the present and PVA is now available in many forms including PVA Bags, PVA String, PVA Mesh and PVA Tape.

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