World Carp Classic Result

The World Carp Classic is the biggest and most prestigious tournament in the history of carp angling and takes place once more this year on the magnificent Lac D’Orient where the atmosphere will be absolutely electric.

On the cusp of the pre-event launch for the 2007 World Carp Classic, and expanding upon the successful elements of last years event, we are pleased to announce that we will also be introducing a few new ideas to evolve and augment the competition still further.
The rudimentary format of the competition remains unchanged, but as with all things new, the prototype can always benefit from the tweaking of one or two elements. The potential impact of these changes will become clear when the 2007 competition is launched very soon, and we are extremely confident that you will all appreciate the effort that has been attributed to ensuring that the World Carp Classic 2007 will be a monumental success.
We hope that participants will once again enjoy the event this year, and hope that the experience of fishing the mighty Lac D’Orient will provide them with everlasting good memories.
Many congratulations go to Mariusz Ciach & Jaroslav Plochoki of Poland upon winning the much coveted World Carp Classic title in 2006, but now it is once more up to be contested for in 2007.

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