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Beaurepaire tips and tactics in France

Carp fishing holidays with Angling Lines – On route from Island lake myself and Iain Macmillan stopped for a night on another of Angling lines venues named Beaurepaire. This lake is completely different to the one we had just left, it is only approximately 5 acres in size and absolutely stuffed with carp that average […]

Carp Fishing Advice to put more Fish on the Bank

Carp fishing advice – There are no set rules to achieving an edge using various carp fishing tactics, what maybe advantageous in a certain situation or lake may not be good on another. That sounds like a politician’s answer; nothing concrete for you to work with? It would take more than I can fit into […]

Tips on how to get the best out of your boilies and groundbait

Carp baits – Their are many companies offering varp bait in various guizes, boilies, method mixes, ingredients and particles. Within these pages learn a little more about how to make your own, the many uses of robin red, application of boilies and how you can acheive an edge. There are no set rules to achieving […]

Carp Holidays with Angling Lines

About carp angling lakes in France – through Anling Lines I received an email from Steve asking if I would be interested in contributing to a monthly feature based on the approach to French commercial venues. The answer didn’t take much thinking about, so here I am writing the first of many articles based on […]