Tips on how to get the best out of your boilies and groundbait

Carp baits – Their are many companies offering varp bait in various guizes, boilies, method mixes, ingredients and particles. Within these pages learn a little more about how to make your own, the many uses of robin red, application of boilies and how you can acheive an edge.

There are no set rules to achieving an edge, what maybe advantageous in a certain situation or lake may not be good on another. That sounds like a politician’s answer; nothing concrete for you to work with? It would take more than I can fit into these pages to describe the many advantages that will put the odd extra fish on the bank through bait application, therefore have opted to cover a few and portray the thinking behind achieving an edge through carp bait. Hopefully this will spur you into thinking about your approach and even what else can be done to increase your chances.

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Make your own boilies – baits

 Just how easy is it to make a very economical homemade big carp bait that really works instantly, and is ideal for winter fishing? Read on for more details and a free winter recipe!

Winter carp fishing tips – bait

 Winter is a time when you really need to maximise the effectiveness of any free baits you use to encourage fish to feed, while not prematurely filling them up. Here are some great proven ideas to help you get the balance right and catch you more winter fish so read article on baits

Using Robin Red in Baits

 Robin Red is probably the best known successful carp attractor throughout the world and to many anglers, what it is and how it works is a mystery because its full recipe is top secret, but you can get very useful clues on what it is, how it works and how to use it here;

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