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Robin Red is probably the best known successful carp attractor throughout the world and to many anglers, what it is and how it works is a mystery because its full recipe is top secret, but you can get very useful clues on what it is, how it works and how to use it here; so read on…

Robin Red is part of the range of bird foods from a company called Haiths of Cleethorpes England. At present their top ten selling products include the following: Robin Red, Red Factor, Nectarblend, Red Band, Prosecto Insectivores, Soft Bill, Multi Mix, and Carpticle Mix, Super Red and hempseed. This company have many decades of experience formulating specialised foods for birds for all stages of development and for enhancing plumage, growth, health and so on and these products ideally fit the bill as it were for carp!

Anyone in the bait business will be familiar with Robin Red as has a track record that stands out a mile but of course the other products mentioned are in many ways superb in their own right and all have taken their place in the hall of carp fame today. There are other bird food products that this company and other companies sell which are also very well proven and Hinders is another company to investigate products from. In fact, many carp bait companies have refined and adapted and even blended formulations and recipes of extremely successful and new bird food products with huge success proven by their customers catches and CCmoore is a shining example with 12 generations of animal feed and nutrition experience behind them.

Robin Red has been used by most commercial bait companies at some time or another and is so prevalent that in some cases it might be your unique homemade bait perhaps is the only boilie bait that does not contain it on your water! Beware that any successful ingredient, additive or flavour etc, when over-used, can conversely act as a marker for danger and it might be a bonus to use very little of it in your bait sometimes. You might choose to use a component of it instead, perhaps just the red chilli peppers part instead, or add these to boost a proportion of Robin Red perhaps for a winter and spring bait.

Ways to incorporate Robin Red and apply it in homemade baits, spod, method, particles, pellets and boilies mixes are legion. Just dampen your boilies using a mixture of liquid foods and Robin Red… Or try pre-soaking your pellets in any liquids you like and add Robin Red to produce super ground baits, method mixes or spod mixes for example for both winter and summer use.

So exactly what is Robin Red; after all it certainly colours up the water attractively and even stains your hands a distinctive red?! The recipe of Robin Red is shrouded in mystery, controversy and endless speculation, and perhaps all you can say for certain, is that is does not contain Carophyll Red, (but this does not exclude it containing cantaxanthin perhaps…) Robin Red certainly does contain many bioactive components and substances, including antioxidant pigments (plumage colour enhancing agents highly stimulatory to carp!)

In making homemade boilies just using an ounce of Robin Red per pound of dry mix will certainly boost the effectiveness of very many base mixes and especially when you use a very cheap mix based on crushed Red Band, semolina and soya flour for instance. One combination from Haiths that is particularly outstanding is their Super Red which is a mix of the following and can be used dry in PVA bags:

Robin Red, crushed tiger nuts, crushed Carpticle, peanut granules, crushed hemp seed, Red Factor, teasel seed, and aniseed oil. You can apply this as a paste bait, method mix or ground bait and many bait companies have their own unique versions so do investigate them and get catching big-time, (for more secrets read on…)

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